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Discover and experience the Bitcoin Country with us 

We are the largest Bitcoin-friendly platform that offers
a Bitcoin Lifestyle in El Salvador.  

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About us
Bitcoin Life

We are the Bitcoin-friendly platform that offers a Bitcoin lifestyle in El Salvador!

Bitcoin Life Rooms

We have partnered with the best and most stress-free rooms in El Salvador. We have the best rooms for you in the city, beach, mountain, volcano, river, hot springs, and more. 

Bitcoin Capital San Salvador
Bitcoin Beach El Salvador


Bitcoin Berlin El Salvador


El Salvador Rooms


Bitcoin News

Stay up-to-date with the latest news and insights from the world of Bitcoin. Our blog features articles and resources from the most prominent experts in the industry

Why Invest in El Salvador?

This is the best time to invest, there is a bunch of opportunities in real estate, local businesses, land, and beyond in the Bitcoin Country.          

How to invest in El Salvador


El salvador bitcoin tours
We booked a tour with Bitcoin Life of San Salvador. We met them at the Bitcoin conference in Miami Beach. They are young guys that are building an ecosystem for bitcoin tourism in El Salvador. We highly recommend Mauricio and Diego! Along the tour, they took us to the volcano, El Tunco, the National Cathedral, a restaurant with a big colorful slide, a walking tour of the downtown market, and clubs and bars in San Salvador.

@Cryptogranny99 and Rick from


Explore the moments we share with our team, which define our mission and the vibrant community, capturing the essence of our projects, partnerships, and the positive changes we bring to El Salvador.

Helicopter Tours El Salvador
"El Salvador is the epicenter of Bitcoin adoption, and therefore, of economic freedom, financial sovereignty, resistance to censorship, and unconfiscatable wealth" 

Nayib Bukele

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