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Bitcoin Week Arrives in El Salvador: A Gathering of Bitcoin Enthusiasts from Around the Globe

Excitement fills the air in El Salvador as Bitcoin Week kicks off this April, drawing in numerous events that promise to unite Bitcoin plebs from all corners of the world.

From April 2nd to 8th, El Salvador will serve as the epicenter for some of the most significant Bitcoin events, all with the goal of spreading awareness about the Bitcoin ecosystem and spotlighting the country as a prime destination for tourism and investment.

"El Salvador stands as the pioneer in Bitcoin adoption, marking the beginning of a global trend. This new frontier presents both a challenge and an opportunity for existing users, fostering an environment ripe for learning and growth. It's a boon not just for developers and entrepreneurs but also for investors and communities worldwide," remarks Milena Mayorga Ambassador of El Salvador to the United States

As part of #BitcoinWeek, here are some highlights you won't want to miss:

1. Gala and Charity Auction: Mi Primer Bitcoin

The NGO's much-anticipated Gala and Charity Auction, "Mi Primer Bitcoin," returns after last year's resounding success. Hosted by Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert, the event features a five-course tasting menu at El Salvador’s premier restaurant, limited to just 44 guests. Attendees will include Bitcoin luminaries from El Salvador and beyond. The auction aims to raise funds for future initiatives while celebrating Bitcoin's impact on society.

2. Halving Party

Prepare to celebrate the Bitcoin Halving Party, the world's first-ever worldwide halving celebration. Held from April 3rd to 5th in El Salvador, the birthplace of Bitcoin adoption, this event offers more than just typical conference fare. Attendees can expect engaging speakers, workshops, podcasts with live audiences, music, Latin dancing, games, and ample food and drinks. It's a unique opportunity to experience life within a Bitcoin Standard firsthand. You can also feel the experience of arriving like a rockstar in a helicopter or book a tour for during your stay with Bitcoin Life who are putting special flights on for The Halving Party!

3. Bitcoin Beach Halving Weekend

Following the Halving Party, don't miss out on the Bitcoin Beach Halving Weekend on April 6th and 7th in El Zonte. This event boasts a range of activities, including gastronomic festivals, volleyball, a surf contest, and meet-ups, all set against the picturesque backdrop of Bitcoin Beach.

4.Cubo Plus Meet-up

Cubo plus dedicate on training the next generation of Bitcoin and Lightning Talents in El Salvador, Come meet El Salvador's homegrown bitcoin and Lightning devs trained by the best to be the best.

5. Bitcoin Berlin

Concluding the festivities on April 8th is Bitcoin Berlin, a mini-conference showcasing the potential of Bitcoin Circular Economies amidst the scenic mountains of El Salvador.

Bitcoin Week in El Salvador promises an unparalleled opportunity for education, networking, and celebration within the global Bitcoin community. Mark your calendars and join us for an unforgettable experience at the forefront of the Bitcoin revolution! Check our Bitcoin Life Events page at for all the information

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