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El Salvador is a whole new country


El Salvador is turning into one of the fastest growing economies, billions in foreign infrastructure investments are flowing in. The number of new businesses, developments and employment are starting to go exponential (due to eradication of gangs)

Best place to invest in the
upcoming years 

invest el salvador

Prime  Location

el salvador distances

Direct flights to US: 

  • Miami: 2 Hours
    New York: 5 Hours
    Houston: 3 Hours
    Los A
    ngeles: 5 Hours
    San Francisco: 6 Hours

Latin American Hub:  

  • Mexico City: 1.5 Hours
    Costa Rica: 1. 5 Hours
    Colombia: 3 Hours

    Argentina: 9 Hours


  • The first country to legalize Bitcoin as legal tender in the world (USD is the other)

  •  More than 1 Million dollars on daily Remittances this 2023

  • According to government officials, 200+ thousand daily users and more than 13+ thousand businesses accept Bitcoin

  • Can get $1000 in cash/day from BTC atm and most major chains accept Bitcoin.

  • 40% of additional Salvadorians have gained access to Digital Financial Services (3.8 Million of people have a Bitcoin wallet)


  • Can live long-term on a tourist visa. 180 days with an easy extension for another 90 days. The 180 days reset each time you leave the country

  • Wifi speeds of ~50-100 mpbs and cell of ~50 mpbs. Starlink is Available +150 Mbps in rural areas.

  • People speak good English and Locals are welcoming to foreigners. Most have relatives in the US and have visited the US

why el salvador

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